QA & Additional Art

My early years on this planet are a blur. One thing I do know, however, is that I have had access to video games since before I was old enough to even know how to use a controller.  Being born in 1989, my first system was the Sega Genesis (which I still have).  Sonic , Ryu, Earthworm Jim, the Red Power Ranger, etc. were some of my best friends.  Since then, I’ve made lots of new friends (some of them are even real people!).  I’ve owned and played on almost every console ever made, it has been intensive training for understanding what makes games fun.

At Graphite Lab I am the QA tester which means I am a bug hunter of sorts, and have been known to enlist such unique play tactics as – rub this ipad on your shirt – to discover faults that otherwise would never show their wicked face.

Other than working at GLI I play games (which is a lot like working at Graphite). I enjoy gaming on console AND PC (GASP!) so I never miss out on any new games.  I’m supposed to tell you guys what my favorite games are, but that’s probably the hardest question I’ve ever been asked so I am going to opt out.  Here’s a Kirby for your enjoyment instead.  (>’-‘)>