I am a programmer that hasn’t been without some type of game since my memory came to be.

Gaming has given me the ability to experience unique worlds, characters, and stories in a way that no other form of media can.

This was much of the reason as to why I became involved in programming. It set me on the path to being able to create those experiences that I have enjoyed. Since starting on that path I’ve worked on and developed many small and quick games and with all that I have done I know for certain that this is what I do best.

I’ve been gaming since the NES and floppy disc days although my favorite games certainly don’t harken back to those times. Since then I’ve been able to enjoy video games on consoles, handhelds, PCs, and phones. I’m hoping I’ve noticed all the bad so I can code only the good.

It is a little too difficult to list my favorite games, but here are a few that I like on a scale from a bunch to a lot: Day of Defeat, Warcraft 3, Mass Effect. Although I’ve beaten Mass Effect 6, or 7, times so it may be fair to say I like it a little more than the others.