We are Graphite Lab!

Our experience is largely in work-for-hire development. This means we’re usually defaulting to some client determined set of specs that we can easily quantify and execute upon. Developing our first truly original title of this size will be an exercise in discipline as we focus on the features that we think need to go in.  Fortunately, our professional experience in the video game industry over 25 years of combined experience and credits in over 60 shipped titles as taught us a thing or two about getting things done. We’ve planned, scheduled and committed to making this game awesome and on time.


2009 – 2010

Graphite Lab was started on January 1st 2009 by Matt Raithel. As a St. Louis native, Matt saw value in having a studio in a bigger city location such as St. Louis, which could afford a larger pool of talent than Springfield, Mo where Graphite Lab’s parent company Black Lantern Holdings is located.

Initially, the new St. Louis studio was formed as Black Lantern Studios – St. Louis.

The first project handled by this new studio was Ben 10 Alien Force: The Rise of Hex. Licensed through Cartoon Network, This title was published by Konami for the XBOX360 (XBOX LIVE) and Wii (WiiWare) in May of 2010.

Around the same time, Graphite Lab was working on a Nintendo DS game called Agatha Christie’s ABC Murders for Dreamcatcher Interactive.

2011 -2012

Around January of 2011, the team began to earn a few clients outside of their parent company and decided that we would have more luck if we branded the studio with its own name and focus; thus was born Graphite Lab.

The idea behind the name was two fold. First: the GRAPHITE stood for the age old tool of creativity. We wanted to be a creative organization that never lost that playful spark of creativity that stemmed from our artistic roots. Second: the Lab stood for the environment in which research is performed and lessons learned. We also wanted to be an organization that never stopped learning new things.

By mid-2012, the newest frontier was the mobile space so we looked to the iPhone and Android as the place we should be. We did a few brief work for hire projects on each device as we polished up our skills for bigger projects.

2013 – Present

So Graphite Lab added a few team members and added a few clients and continued to grow through 2012 where we solidified our footing in the mobile space. By 2013 we released our first major products for the mobile space (Play-Doh Create ABCs, My Little Pony Party of One) both of which were chart topping apps for kids.

We’re now continuing to push the bounds of our frontier by setting out on a new adventure to make a game of our own. We’ve got a fistful of cobras and no regrets. Here goes nothing…