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Here’s another micro-update to get you psyched:

  • Level Building Stream
  • Kickstarter Jumper Skin
  • New Weapon: Rail Gun
  • New Utility: Sonar Pulse
  • New NPCs
  • New Relics


Watch Matt Donatelli Design Hives!

In case you missed the stream today – we’ve uploaded the capture to youtube so you don’t have to miss a thing! Check it out!

(folllow @mattdonatelli)

New Jumper Skin!

A special-issue jumper suit has been reserved for you, our loyal Kickstarter backers! Check out that golden gun!!! Jumper skins will help you stand out from the rest of the squad and show off your backer status, too! We’ll be sharing more next week as we get closer to release.

Behold: The Rail Gun!

The Rail Gun is a skillshot weapon. It has a slower rate of fire but is 100% accurate and the blast is lightning-quick to meet its target. The beam-like nature of the weapon allows it to pass through enemies damaging all foes in a direct line of fire. We’ll be sharing more next week as we get closer to release.

Sonar Utility

The Sonar Utility is a great addition to any Jump Corp arsenal. Activate it to release a sonar ping in the hive. This will reveal “offscreen indicators” for the locations of any relic entrance doors, level exit doors, or loot crates hidden among the hives. We’ll be sharing more next week as we get closer to release.

New Rescues located!

We’ve got a new batch of NPCs to reveal this week! As you explore the various regions of the hive, your jump squad may encounter NPCs who have been long lost as they await rescue.

Each NPC will offer both information and some sort of perk which will aid you in your mission. The best part, is that many of the NPCs found in Hive Jump were designed by our backers! We’ll be sharing more next week as we get closer to release.

New Relics located within the Hive…

Mysterious Mushroom – Hive mushrooms serve as a food source for Ordovician aliens. However, this one emits a strange type of radiation. Could mysterious mushrooms such as this one contribute to the unique bioelectric physiology of the bugs? The H.S.A. has begun studying these unique mushrooms and has revealed a slightly regenerative field emanating from them.

Necronomicon Ex Mortis – A strange and disquieting book that appears to contain the blood scribed writings of a mad man. Superstitious and unscientific civilizations of the past used to give such grimoires great awe and reverence, but it is doubtful that any of the gibberish written within will aid in the war effort. However, an eerie darkness does seem to permeate from this relic.

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