Our experience is largely in work-for-hire development. This means we’re usually defaulting to some client determined set of specs that we can easily quantify and execute upon. Developing our first truly original title of this size will be an exercise in discipline as we focus on the features that we think need to go in.  Fortunately, our professional experience in the video game industry over 25 years of combined experience and credits in over 60 shipped titles as taught us a thing or two about getting things done. We’ve planned, scheduled and committed to making this game awesome and on time.

While we have a lot of experience delivering games, communicating and working directly with our audience will be new to us. However, we’ve recruited some very passionate PR and Marketing folks that are going to keep all of us on task with delivering updates, rewards, and information to our backers and fans across the globe.

Finally, it’s important to note that making an awesome game is a lot of hard work, and we know what some of you are thinking – “these guys make a lot of kids games – what do they know about making any other kind of game at all?!” We hope that you’ve taken the time to learn about our team and our inspirations. We may have a portfolio full of games for younger kids, but our personal interests are in the classics that we know we can create if given the chance. That’s why building a community through Kickstarter to keep you up to date, give you sneak peeks, and even early access (at certain reward tiers). You will have a real role in making Hive Jump an awesome game