We’ve been gearing up for the big announcement this week by getting local game developers to stop by and test out the game and review our plans for Kickstarter. It’s been a lot of fun seeing them navigate through the hive, blast through all the baddies and then face the terror that is a (yet incomplete) mini-boss at the end.

We had Sam and Seth of Butterscotch Shenannigains come by last week for a peep at the Hive. They also got a look at our plans for some super awesome rewards for the upcoming kickstarter campaign too (Sculpted Bug figurines anyone?). If you’ve not checked out their many awesome titles you should check out their most popular android app Quadropus Rampage!

Robin Rath of PixelPress fame stopped by to take a look and share some of his wisdom about his recently successful kickstart last year. Being a big fan of retro gaming (mush of which inspired PixelPress to begin with), we were stoked to show Robin what we’d come up with even in these opening weeks of part-time development.

We also had a visit from our good friend Jesse Chounard of 3rd Party Ninjas (local St. Louis App game and app developer). Who gave us some solid tips about targets and other platform considerations thanks to our use of Unity 3D.

But all in all its been a blast! We’ve reconfigured some of the simple aesthetics just to give it a visual bump – but have more importantly taken time to design a complete overhaul of the technical underbelly of this thing so we can build on top of it all the right way should we be lucky enough to get this thing successfully Kickstarted next week.