Switch and XBOX Fans: Prepare to Jump!

After several months of development and preparation, the team at Graphite Lab is excited to share that we’ve been approved for release on Nintendo Switch and XBOX One!

Help us spread the word – share, post, tweet, snap, etc and let your friends know that Hive Jump is coming to Switch and XBOX One Jan 11, 2019!

Nintendo Switch and XBOX One Features

Switch and XBOX One received a fresh look by our team (and new local buddies Wooden Anchor Games) to ensure a bug-free and performance-friendly experience on these consoles.

Here’s a quick list of what is (and isn’t in the upcoming versions) We’ll go over each item in detail below:

  • Release Regions (Yeah, it’s coming to EU!)
  • Mini-Map
  • Challenge Modes present, but no Leaderboards
  • No Sprite Lamp
  • Local Co-op only
  • Backer Contributions

Features FAQ

Where shall we deploy, Captain?
Where shall we deploy, Captain?

Q: Where will these versions release? Will Hive Jump be (finally) coming to EU?

Yes. Both platforms will release in North America and EU.

Q: I didn’t redeem my previous key, can I trade it out for Switch or XBOX?

Sadly, not. We had to purchase all those keys for you as those weren’t supplied to us for free. We can’t return them, unfortunately, even if they weren’t redeemed. What we are attempting to do is work out a reduced rate for generating new keys on XBOX or Switch, so if you do want to add a version you can do so for a reduced rate! Wii U backers in the EU who never received a working key at all, we’re working on a special deal for you. Stay tuned for details, Jumpers.

Q: Will we see the Mini-Map in these new versions?

Heck yeah! The Mini Map was a Wii U feature that fans really loved. We’ve brought this feature forward to Switch and XBOX using an overlay, so you can manage the action while planning your path through the hive.

Planning my path through the Hive… planning to kick alien ass!
Planning my path through the Hive… planning to kick alien ass!

The mini-map will display the layout of the hive as you explore it and reveal points of interest like doors and chests. Hazards like lava and spikes are labelled as pink tiles, and destructible walls as orange. Players can toggle this overlay on and off with the press of a button.

Q: Will there be Challenge modes or Leaderboards?

All the Challenge Modes available in both Switch and XBOX One versions!
All the Challenge Modes available in both Switch and XBOX One versions!

Leaderboards won’t be present in these versions of Hive Jump, however, we’ve maintained the Challenge Modes to give Jumpers some additional goals to strive for!

  • Clean Run: You start with basic equipment only, and must power-up as you progress through the hive mission. Equipment pricing is reduced in this mode.
  • Speed Run: All boss encounters are guaranteed to be boss enemies and not ambush rooms. You can bring your unlocked equipment into this mode, and we highly recommend getting good with the Quantum Blink utility if you want to get the fastest times!
  • Hardcore: Can you beat a hive without the Backpack? This means no respawns, and no changing equipment mid-hive. You’ll have to scavenge for extra bombs and health, too! Only the most hardcore of Jumpers can complete this challenge!
  • Endless: A 99-depth hive gauntlet. Jumpers should make use of stacking relic bonuses to power up their Jumpers to super-human levels in order to beat this challenge!

Q: What about Sprite Lamp?

We’ve done our absolute best to ensure a smooth experience for up to 4 players on a single console. Hitting a performance target of a solid 30fps (like, for real this time) with so many projectiles flying around and swarms of aliens was no simple feat. In order to achieve this benchmark, we had to remove Sprite Lamp’s dynamic lighting from the Switch and XBOX versions. However, the sprite art still looks as crisp and gorgeous as ever!

Q: Will either version feature Online Play?

We’ve focused our efforts on making a solid local co-op experience. It’s what we’re good at and what most of our fans have cherished with the previous releases. We know there are plenty of Jumpers who really enjoy online play. Thanks for understanding and supporting us even if we don’t deliver this feature. We know you are going to get an amazing experience playing co-op on both Switch and XBOX One!

Q: Will we be using the same name pool from the other releases?

Yes! All of the backer contributed items will be present in the Switch and XBOX versions including the jumper names, NPCs, fort names, relics, weapons, and aliens!

Q: Can I unlock the Kickstarter skin in these versions?

Most definitely. If you received the backer bundle, you can enter the same key as you did on the Wii U version.

Switch FAQ

Q: What Controllers are supported?

We support dual Joy-Cons and Pro Controllers. You cannot use a lone Joy-Con to play as it doesn’t have enough joysticks to control the jumper.

Q: What do I need to play co-op on Switch?

You can play 1-4 players local co-op with a single Switch with multiple controllers or Joy-Con.

Q: Will Switch Support amiibo?

There was a possibility that we could get a second chance at making this happen for a Switch version of the game, but we didn’t get a lot of feedback indicating that this would be possible to support. We won’t support amiibo in the Switch version.


Q: Will you support 4K on XBOX One?

Yes. We’ve included support for 4K display through the Unity game engine.

Q: Are there XBOX One X enhancements?

Largely, this includes 4K support.

Q: Will it support cloud saving?

Yes. Each Xbox user’s progress and Jumper profiles are synced to the cloud.

Q: Will there be achievements in the XBOX One version?

Yes. We’ve planned 40 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore. These achievements closely mirror those found on Steam.

What’s Next? FAQ

Q: What about bug fixing on PC and Wii U?

Working on it. The plan is to leverage the improvements from the console ports to apply improvement to PC and Wii U. Both platforms should be getting some love soon. We don’t have it on the calendar just yet but we’re hoping to get that handled in the first few months of next year.

Q: Will PC Multiplayer ever come out of BETA?

Fair question. Online MP was a massive mountain to climb. We’ve got some other priorities to handle first before we can turn our attention back to this matter.

Q: Will you be coming to PS4 next?

Nothing is announced for PS4 or any other platform at this time.

Q: What is the status of physical rewards?

More progress on the coloring book, art book and more! Here’s the skinny on all things physical and non-physical.

Would you like to know more?

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