Attention Jumpers!

We are honored and excited to be hosted by Nintendo at PAX Prime 2015 as one of their #Nindies for the Wii U. You’ll be able to come see us at the Nindie Lounge in the Sheraton Hotel this weekend in Seattle!

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Here are some highlights from PAX Prime 2015 and the #Nindies Lounge!

Wii U Trailer

We crafted this trailer specifically for the Wii U version of the game, and it features some pretty sweet new tunes from BigGiantCircles. Enjoy!

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#JoinTheJumpCorps pics with the M4G-AR

We were super excited to get to the #Nindies at Night event the first night of PAX.

Matt Donatelli, Matt Raithel, and Houston Brayton
Matt Donatelli, Matt Raithel, and Houston Brayton

While we were at PAX, we’ve had several jumpers join the JUMP Corps! You can find them on Twitter by searching #JoinTheJumpCorps or checking out Hive Jump’s twitter feed. Here’s a few highlights!

Press from PAX Prime!

Hive Jump also got some love from the games press at PAX. Check out articles from GameInformer and Destructiod. Below is our favorite snippet: