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Here’s another micro-update to get you psyched:

  • New Weapon: Gamma Ray
  • New Utility: Quantum Blink
  • New NPCs
  • New Relics


New Weapon: Gamma Ray!

Experimentation on captured Ordovician solders has revealed that the effects of gamma radiation on their internal organs produces explosive results. H.S.A. scientists and weapons techs have turned this fact into a potent rifle modification for jumpers. Enemy soldiers under the effect of the gamma ray will be cooked from the inside and explode upon death.

The GAMMA RAY is a precise beam weapon that must be focused on a single target long enough to cook its internal organs. The smallest of Ordovician drones does not have enough body mass to produce an explosion when cooked, but any larger lifeform will explode and damage anything nearby as well. Commanders who upgrade this weapon modification will see an aliens cook faster and a decrease in the overheat rate of the weapon.

New Utility: Quantum Blink!

The Quantum Blink utility item can be activated to transport a Jumper a small distance in any direction through solid matter. The direction of the quantum blink can be aimed while activating, and will not allow the Jumper to teleport into solid matter. This utility is extremely useful for Jumpers performing lone-wolf operations, but should be used sparing as part of a team operation. The quantum blink utility must be activated a Jumper, can be aimed while activating, and recharges after 6 seconds.

More Rescues Located in the Hive!

We’ve got a new batch of NPCs to reveal this week! As you explore the various regions of the hive, your jump squad may encounter NPCs who have been long lost as they await rescue.

Each NPC will offer both information and some sort of perk which will aid you in your mission. The best part, is that many of the NPCs found in Hive Jump were designed by our backers! We’ll be sharing more next week as we get closer to release.

New Relics located within the Hive…

Caretaker Vesicle – A large egg-holding pouch taken from a deceased Ordovician Caretaker. This sinuous sac is used to transport freshly lain Ordovician eggs from the Queen’s chambers to various locations within the hive. Once eggs have been evenly distributed throughout the various hive environments, surplus eggs are put into cold storage by Caretakers. This large vesicle is full of temperature-regulating fluid that protects eggs and stabilizes them during transport. Research and development teams within the H.S.A. have found methods of coating Jumper armor with this vesicle fluid as a temporary means of preventing damage from extreme cold.

Hunter’s Gauntlet  -The glove of an intergalactic bounty hunter. Bounty Hunters are freelancers who operate within a legal gray area in H.S.A. space. While fulfilling bounties placed by various H.S.A. agencies, bounty hunters are permitted to use lethal force if necessary often using custom designed gear. Bounty Hunters also operate outside the jurisdiction of H.S.A. space, although these missions are usually more perilous in nature. This gauntlet is a wrist-mounted tool designed to reduce the heat build-up of energy based weapons and works effectively with the M4G-AR’s carried by Jump Corp soldiers.

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