Three years have passed since we began working on Hive Jump, and a full year and a half since this successful Kickstarter. During this time we’ve taken Hive Jump from a nascent idea to a fully featured game, and it’s all thanks to your support!

Thank you again for believing in us. We’re excited to announce…


Our official launch day on Steam is January 18th, 2017! Tell your friends so they can jump with you on launch day! We’ve been hard at work adding the final bits of content to the game, including the Queen Fight / Story / and Campaign elements. Thanks to the diligence of our Early Access community, we’ve been able to provide a stable online multiplayer experience that continues to improve as we get closer to launch.

We’re thrilled to be launching Hive Jump at the start of a new year, and providing gamers and our backers with a brand new multiplayer co-op experience. We’re looking forward to hearing tales of your exploits in the hives, successes grasped from the jaws of defeat, failures as you were overtaken by swarms, and runs fueled by adrenaline and amplified by the most powerful combination of relics and equipment in the game.

Reminder: ALL STEAM BACKERS SHOULD HAVE THEIR STEAM KEYS AS OF JULY 2016. (If you need help accessing yours, please email us at or message us via Kickstarter!)

For our beloved and ever-patient Wii U backers, do not worry, we have a progress report on the Wii U version of Hive Jump later in this update, so keep reading!

THE QUEEN FIGHT (Arriving in December)

We’ve been teasing the Queen fight quite a bit, and we will tease her some more! She’s the largest and most formidable of all the bosses in the game, summons swarms of minions to defend herself, as well as using her own dangerous repertoire of attacks.

Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge!
Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge!

Will you and your Jumper buddies be able to defeat the queen? Will you successfully activate and detonate the nuke? Or will you be overrun by the overwhelming odds? Find out this December when the Queen fight enters the Early Access build. (


In a previous update, we began introducing one half of the story characters in the game. Today we reveal the other half of the crew that will be hopping planet to planet to win the war for humanity’s continued existence!

Left to right, Maj. Battery, QUALIA, and Dr. Tyson
Left to right, Maj. Battery, QUALIA, and Dr. Tyson

Maj. Battery is a brave and loyal Runabout (robotic lifeform) with a decorated military history and a penchant for cracking wise. Battery serves as the quartermaster about the H.S.S. Dauntless, and will provide you with information about all cutting-edge military munitions and technology in the Codex screen.

QUALIA is a super-intelligent AI construct that coordinates the war effort against the Ordovicians across all the H.S.A. controlled space. Its immense processing power is devoted to finding a way for humanity to beat the odds against a foe that outnumbers us a million to one.

Dr. Tyson is an eccentric genius whose dream has always been the discovery of other intelligent life in the galaxy. With PHDs in Quantum Physics and Xenobiology, and giving up tenure to join the H.S.A. when the war broke out, he is an invaluable researcher of newly acquired alien samples. On the front lines of the war, Tyson’s dream of discovering intelligent life forms is coming true, though not quite how he envisioned it.


You can see from our frequent and steady updates that we ARE moving the game forward and each step is making the Wii U version better. We have no intentions of softening our commitment to Wii U players and believe we can get Wii U launched in early 2017. In fact, we’ve added another engineer to the Wii U team this week to help accelerate production and finish this version.

In other production news for Wii U, our programmers, testers and artists are working on lots of optimization tasks to get the best possible performance. The physics calculations are causing the biggest hits but working through them and making progress. The GamePad mini-map is in a demonstrable state, but it will need some optimization as well to ensure it is fully featured and running smooth. We’re also working through different input bugs to ensure GamePad and Pro controllers work all as intended. Thanks for your patience as we bust tail on the Wii U version!


Q. Will Hive Jump be available in my language at launch?

A. Not immediately at launch. It turns out we have around 20,000 words to localize into multiple languages, and we simply won’t have the funds to pay for translation services that until after the game launches.

Q. When will I receive my physical backer rewards / merchandise? 

A. Likely March or April of 2017. The game content will be completed then, making the assembly of the Art Book possible, and proceeds from the sale of the game will be re-invested in ordering and distributing the physical merchandise.

Q. What accessibility options will Hive Jump have at launch?

A. We have a few options available: rebindable / remappable controls, the ability to turn lighting and particle effects off, as well as the ability to chose the color of your character / UI. (Options for addressing colorblindness may appear in future updates after launch.)

Q. Will there be trading cards and badges for Hive Jump on Steam?

A. Yes! We will have 7-8 trading cards, badges, profile backgrounds, and emoticons for our dedicated Jumpers who want to collect ’em all!


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As always, we are looking forward to responding to your questions and comments below! Thanks for being with us on this incredible journey!