Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for visiting! View some FAQ below and email us at if you don’t see your question answered here.

Game & Feature Questions

Q: How does Online Multiplayer work?

A: Our lead QA David has crafted a guide on how Online Multiplayer works in the Steam version of the game. You can read it here:

Q: Is there voice chat in the game?

A: No, there is no integrated voice chat. However, we highly recommend joining our Discord community, making friends there, and jumping hives with your fellow Jumpers! Here’s an invite if you need one:

Q: What are the controls for the game?

A: Controls vary based on your platform. We’ve included controller maps below!

Kickstarter Questions

Q: Where can I find my rewards, game key etc?

A: Log into and search for the section called Digital Downloads.

Q: I don’t remember completing my survey. Are you sure I have an account?

A: Pretty sure. You may need to do a password reset to get access. We realize many of you did the survey 3 years ago (eep! ) so its been a while. If it can’t find you when doing a password reset, please email and we’ll get you fixed up.

Q: It say’s it can’t find my email address. Do I need an account to view my survey?

A: An account with BackerKit isn’t required to complete or manage your surveys for crowdfunding campaigns. You can request access to your survey anytime from this form:

Patch / Update Questions

Q: I experienced a crash / bug in the game. Will this be fixed?

A: We’re working through some issues on Wii U right now and hope to have them patched soon.

Q: Is there new content coming out for the game on Steam or Wii U?

A: The game is content complete on both platforms. We don’t have any planned DLC or expansions to announce at this time.

Q: Is the game coming to Switch, XBONE or PS4?

A: We don’t have anything to announce at this time.