Attention Jumpers!

More news incoming from the H.S.A! The Hive Jump team at Graphite Lab has made progress since the last update! More info below!

Jumpers! At the Ready!
Jumpers! At the Ready!

Hive Jump will release on Wii U™ in North America on Thursday, September 28th, 9:00AM PDT!

(Curious about other regions? Check for our email sent earlier today! Didn’t get one? Reach out to! We’ll fill you in!)

Wii U™ players: we need your help! The aliens have overrun the planet and it’s your turn to lend your bug blasting excellence to the Jump CORPS! Run, jump and jetpack as you blast and bomb your way through dangerous caverns populated with tons of creepy crawly aliens! We’ve cooked up some Wii U™ exclusive features we know you will really love!

Just came out of a Relic Room, which way was I going? Oh yes, into the unknown!
Just came out of a Relic Room, which way was I going? Oh yes, into the unknown!

Mini-Map: The Wii U™ GamePad mini-map will display the layout of the hive as you explore it, and reveal points of interest like doors and chests. Hazards like lava and spikes are labelled as pink tiles, and destructible walls as orange. Players can switch between this mini-map view, and the next Wii U™ GamePad feature!

Off-Screen Play: You can play Hive Jump entirely on the Wii U™ GamePad! When in a hive, simply hit the Select button to switch between seeing the mini-map on the Wii U™ GamePad and seeing mirrored gameplay on it. It goes almost without saying that the Wii U™ GamePad also outputs sound through its speakers, or optional headphone jack.

Don’t Forget the Challenge Modes!

Clean Run: You start with basic equipment only, and must power-up as you progress through the hive mission. Equipment pricing is reduced in this mode.

Speed Run: All boss encounters are guaranteed to be boss enemies and not ambush rooms. You can bring your unlocked equipment into this mode, and we highly recommend getting good with the Quantum Blink utility if you want to get the fastest times!

Hardcore: Can you beat a hive without the Backpack? This means no respawns, no changing equipment mid-hive, and you’ll have to scavenge for extra bombs and health! Only the most hardcore of Jumpers can complete this challenge!

Endless: A 99-depth hive gauntlet. Jumpers should make use of stacking relic bonuses to power up their Jumpers to super-human levels in order to beat this challenge!

One more thing. The most recent price discussed for Wii U™ was $19.99. We shared that number at trade shows and in past updates. However, we’ve since had very long conversations about the best price point for Hive Jump on Wii U and in the end decided to release Wii U at the base price of $14.99. This is spot-on with our projected price during the kickstarter and at the end of the day, we simply believe this best matches other comparable titles on the platform and is a great value on Wii U™!

Curious about all other Wii U features? Check out the March update!

XPO Game Festival | Tulsa, OK October 13 – 15

Come hear this dude talk about games! Play Hive Jump too!
Come hear this dude talk about games! Play Hive Jump too!

We’re going to the XPO Game Festival in Tulsa, OK later this fall! We’ll be joined by several other St Louis Game Developers in the Indie Alley. It will be an awesome opportunity to jam with our midwest gamedev buddies and recruit new jumpers! Studio Director Matt Raithel (@raitheoshow) will be giving a talk about “Getting into the games industry” as part of the speaker series.

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