Attention Jumpers!

We’ve got another juicy update coming your way! The team is still hard at work on Hive Jump and working to deliver the game to our Wii U backers in Q1 2017 and start working towards the fulfillment of physical rewards in Q2 2017.

In this update:

  • Wii U Mini-map Sneak Peek
  • Let us know what you think about Hive Jump!
  • Graphite Lab Newsletter Sign-up
  • Join us for our weekly stream!
  • Kickstarter Spotlight: Smugglecraft

Wii U Mini-Map Sneak Peek!

The H.S.A. is hard at work outfitting our Wii U Jumpers with the latest in Hive-Scanning technology. While we can’t show the imagery on the device for bureaucratic reasons, we can show you a rendering of what a hive relic room looks like on the mini-map.

This makes navigating Relic Rooms a breeze!
This makes navigating Relic Rooms a breeze!

Jumpers will be able to see the insignias of their team-mates, the layout of the level geometry, as well as the locations of doors and hazards! Use this technology to your advantage and save the galaxy from the bugs!

Leave us a review on Steam!

We have over 100 reviews on Steam with a Very Positive rating! Hooray!

We made something awesome together Jumpers! <3
We made something awesome together Jumpers! <3

If you haven’t yet, consider leaving us a review on Steam! Even though Steam no longer counts Backer reviews towards the aggregate score of the game, users can still see your reviews and should know if the game lives up to your expectations! Rate Hive Jump here:

Sign up for the Graphite Lab newsletter!

Making Hive Jump has been quite a journey, and it’s not over yet, but it will be wrapping up in 2017. We’d love to have you come along with us on our future endeavors as an indie game development studio. 

Poke a dev to sign up for the newsletter! :P
Poke a dev to sign up for the newsletter! 😛


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Watch our weekly Twitch stream!

Did you know we do weekly streams on Twitch where we play Hive Jump with our fellow Jumpers? Well, we do!

Come join the party!
Come join the party!

Join lead designer Matt Donatelli as he plays with the community and talks about the state of development on the game! Catch us on every Wednesday from 7-9PM CST.

Kickstarter Spotlight: SmuggleCraft!

This month we’re thrilled to spotlight another St. Louis game development studio and their amazing indie game which just came to Kickstarter!

Are you ready to embark on dangerous missions smuggling contraband in your customizable hovercraft racer!?! I know I am! Jumpers, what are you waiting for? Back this amazing game! (for Steam and PS4)

I’ve been privileged to watch this game grow and develop over the past few years, and I’ve got to tell you they’re a lot further along with the game than we were when we started Hive Jump. They’re looking for a small goal amount to polish up the game before launch, and are offering some sweet swag and rewards for backers willing to jump onboard!

So what do you say Jumpers? Are you smugglers too? Support SmuggleCraft here:

Would you like to know more?

As always, please leave us questions and comments below. We love hearing from members of the Jump Corps! Also, if you haven’t already, you should join our Hive Jump Discord server and say hello: