Attention Jumpers!

Happy Holidays from the Hive Jump Team
Happy Holidays from the Hive Jump Team

It’s been an amazing holiday season so far! We’ve had Hive Jump on the Wii U store for about 8 weeks and have been thrilled with the support and response! Thanks for your continued support and for your patience. Here’s a list of what we’re covering in this update:

  • Wii U Bug Fixing
  • Wii U Backer Skin
  • Cyber Deals
  • Physical Rewards

Wii U Bug Fixing

Hurry up! The Bugs are upon us!
Hurry up! The Bugs are upon us!

We are working through a few issues with the game – namely a crash which occurs when opening large chests. We didn’t experience this issue during testing or in review so its puzzling how it crept through, but we are on the case!

We’ve begin a process to update Unity as well which we hope will improve performance on the platform. But right now, its delaying some of our fixes due to parts of the update being incompatible. We’ll keep you posted on when this 1.1 Wii U patch may be available.


Hive Jump is a 4.5/5 Star game on Wii U!

Hive Jump currently has a 4.5/5 star rating on the Nintendo eShop! We’d love to see some more reviews from our fans. What do you think of the game? Leave us your impressions through an eShop rating.

Here’s how: (These steps are also on

1. From the Wii U Menu, select the Nintendo eShop icon.

2. On the upper left of the screen, select “My Menu” or press the Y button.

3. Under “Rate Titles,” select select “View List” to access the entire list of software you can rate.

4. Tap “submit” next to the software that you would like to rate and follow the on-screen instructions. THANK YOU!

Wii U Backer Skin

I, Jumper, swear I will wreck alien faces in style.
I, Jumper, swear I will wreck alien faces in style.

Our Wii U backers get to rock this sweet Golden Gun skin! If you are a backer and need instructions on how to unlock this beauty, please check our latest updates.

Nintendo Cyber Deals

Hot dang, that's some great company to be in!
Hot dang, that’s some great company to be in!

We were stoked to be included in Nintendo’s Cyber Deals promotion which continues through December 11th. We were included among some really incredible titles which all feature discounted prices during the holiday season. We were included on the front page of the eShop during the initial week and on the website, too!

Would you like to know more?

As always, please leave us questions and comments below or email We love hearing from members of the Jump Corps! Also, if you haven’t already, you should join our Hive Jump Discord server and say hello: