We’ve got QUICK news from the H.S.A! The Hive Jump team at Graphite Lab has made progress since the last update! Read below for some news regarding Wii U progress!

Wii U fans: We’re back in review.

Our last update explained some of the issues we faced with our first run through certification. We’re happy to share that we’ve fixed those issues (and a few more that we’d uncovered along the way). We’ve submitted once again to Nintendo and are anxiously awaiting approval!

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What about my Physical Rewards!?

They are in the works! We’ve been delayed by the Wii U progress described above, but are now back in review and should be able to resume work on physical reward fulfillment! We’ve been compiling art for the art book and jumper guide, we have the hoodies and shirts designed and have new partners for printing selected, too! Thanks for being patient and for being an amazing group of backers!