Jumpers! Happy holidays! Hope you all enjoy the 25% sale we’re running on Steam! 😉

We’ve been extremely busy this last month getting Hive Jump close to content complete, fixing many bugs both large and small, and working on the Wii U port. All this activity made it hard for us to keep up with our regular update schedule of every 2 weeks, and we apologize for the delay in this update.

This update introduces new Challenge modes to the game! Joining the already available Daily and Weekly Challenges are the Speedrun and Endless challenges!

The Speedrun Challenge ranks players by time instead of by score, and ensures no run-killing ambush rooms. It allows you to take your unlocked equipment into the challenge with you, and provides a random hive seed each time, making it a breeding ground for world record competition. Check out Hive Jump on http://www.speedrun.com/Hive_Jump

The Endless Challenge, while not technically endless, puts you into a 99 level hive. This provides an extremely long-form play suitable for streaming and really getting T3H URN going. 99 Levels means 198 potential relic rooms… do you see where this is going? >:-D

Arcade difficulty selection! You can now select a difficulty, Easy, Medium, or Hard for hosting a hive mission. Easy = 3 Levels, Medium = 6 Levels, and Hard = 9 Levels. If you join someone else’s online match, you can see what mode they are hosting at the top of the Loadout screen!

We’re continuing to rely on community feedback, testing, and bug reporting leading up to our full launch on 1/18/2017. Keep the reports coming using “F1” in game!

Version 0.053.3376 – Full Change List

  • Main Menu UI Improved
  • Ability to replay Tutorial added
  • Ability to select Easy / Medium / Hard hives in Arcade Menu
  • Speedrun Challenge Added
  • Endless Challenge Added
  • Loadout UI Improved
  • Font readability throughout game improved
  • Many miscellenous bug fixes and performance improvements

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