We’re continuing to add content to the game, fix bugs, and work on stabilizing multiplayer. Expect this update to roll out momentarily!

Something we’re working on, but haven’t been able to properly fix yes, is immediate desyncs with large player groups (3-4). For BEST CURRENT PERFORMANCE, make sure to set Input Lag to at least 100ms. This should reduce those desyncs, at the expense of some input responsiveness. We’re working on a full fix for that.

Beware! The Laughing Stalker creeps along in dark places!

We at JUMP Corps H.Q. have heard rumor of a new menace in the hives. Not much is known about the evil creature that has been snatching jumpers from the darkest depths of the hive… please be on the lookout for what Jumpers are now calling the Laughing Stalker.


Version 0.047.2185 – Full Change List

  • New Enemy: Laughing Stalker. Keep an eye out on certain dark levels!
  • PERFORMANCE: New Low-End lighting settings. Go to settings menu and turn Lighting to “off” and apply changes for improved FPS.
  • PROGRESSION: Fixed tutorial loading screen hanging on new profile creation
  • Loadout screen now switches to Online Mode when accepting an invite from a friend.
  • Slowed down rate of fire on Lurker attack.
  • Gamma ray explosions no longer damage players
  • Floater explosions have slightly smaller radius
  • Point lights have been removed from mini missiles
  • Shooter barbs (on collision) do more damage
  • Respawn timer displays hundredths of seconds
  • Healing grenades detonate near allies (overriding fuse)
  • Alien spawners health doubled
  • Poison grenade now damages bosses
  • Stats tracking more accurate
  • Hover Jets utility no longer works in Relic Rooms which specify “No Jetpack”
  • End of Mission screen Continue button now changed to “E” so users may chat with eachother without leaving!
  • Fix for jetpack sound lingering when booted from Multiplayer game.

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