Attention Jumpers!

Another big thanks for your unwavering support over the years! Hive Jump continues to get better and better every day we get to work on it, and we’re launching updated builds almost every single week! We couldn’t have done this without you all, and we’re eternally grateful.

In this week’s update:

  • Reminder: Online Coop is Live!
  • New Alien Type: Lurkers
  • New Steam Build Notes
  • Community Spotlight

Reminder: Online Coop is Live!

Fragging with friends!
Fragging with friends!

For those of you who have been waiting to boot up Hive Jump when Online Multiplayer is functional, the wait is over! Pop online with your buddies and start unlocking your alien-crushing arsenal of weapons side-by-side with your friends!

Don't let her fight alone!
Don’t let her fight alone!

Introducing: The Lurker!

We at JUMP Corps H.Q. have disturbing news. A new species of alien has been discovered in the hives! These dangerous bugs are reminiscent of trap door spiders, and the troops have taken to calling them Lurkers.

These aliens lay patiently in wait for their prey, well concealed in hive rock, and pounce out with piercing mandibles when their prey lingers close by. The lurker’s mandibles are capable of easily cutting through Jumper armor and will instantly sever a human or robotic spine.

Beware of the hidden lurkers!
Beware of the hidden lurkers!

Lurkers burrow into hive rock and lay in wait, making targeting and destruction of a lurker difficult. Jumpers should keep an eye out for their protruding mandibles, and use explosive weapons and grenades to deal damage to them while they remain burrowed. Avoidance is also a valid tactical option, although it’s best to give your fellow jumpers a heads up that a lurker is nearby.

Patch Notes for Version v0.46.2108

  • Added Lurkers
  • Rejuvenation Utility now blocks projectiles but has longer cooldowns
  • Added light-casting plants to Mushroom Env.
  • Added lights to shooting Bombardiers
  • Scorcher acid projectile now looks and behaves much better
  • Improved stats tracking
  • Daily Challenge completions/attempts now count towards player profile unlocks (skins and insignias)
  • Loading screen added for transition between Loadout and Hive gameplay.

Production Notes:

A quick reminder about stuff we’re working on that will be working it’s way into the game! (And other related tasks)

  • Mac + Linux builds are being looked into very soon!
  • Wii U progress is underway, thanks to new team member Rob Santos!
  • Queen Boss fight is currently in development by core team members!
  • Another new alien type will be showing up in hives soon!
  • New Cross Promos NPCs are coming from other great Kickstarted games!

We want to sincerely thank you all again for your patience and support! We’re doing our best to continue making daily progress on the game, release weekly Steam builds, and promote the game via Steam Ratings and social media. A big thank you to all our backers and new fans who have helped spread the Hive Jump love! <3

Would you like to know more?

As always, questions and comments are welcome below. We’re also hanging around on the Hive Jump Discord group a lot. Come be friends with the devs and fellow fans!