New Steam Build!

We’ve got a new steam build posted with some swanky new features and fixes! Read on! (Special note for users with high frame rate monitors below, too!)

Steam Build Notes | Build Number: 0.43.1899

Climb the ladder young soldier. Reach the top and make us proud!
Climb the ladder young soldier. Reach the top and make us proud!
  • Online Leaderboards! Let the battle commence! Daily and Weekly challenge scores will now populate in the online leaderboard. Sort between friends scores, top scores and even your rank among the world!
  • FPS lock was lifted for single player, allowing you play with faster frame rates on monitors with higher refresh rates! Please note: Multiplayer still will require a 30FPS lock for synchronization purposes.

Other Fixes

  • Resolved backpack indicator issues
  • Confirmed Overshield visuals should reappear after respawning
  • Corrected scorcher shield issue
  • Repaired instances of “torso splitting”
  • Fixed some jumper animations bugs
  • Rectified instances of uncollectable goo
  • Amended some controller aiming
  • Improved UI animations
  • Adjusted end-game scoring to be a little more rewarding for speedy play
  • Balanced SFX
  • Un-broke erroneous environment objects typos

Online Co-op Progress

Player lobby, chat function, connection quality?! Fancy!
Player lobby, chat function, connection quality?! Fancy!

We are getting even closer with Online Multiplayer through Steam. Like an Alien Spawner deep within the hive, bug after bug has been swatted down; only to find a few more lurking within.We’ve improved player synchronization, matchmaking performance, controller and input complications and a host of other issues giving us even greater confidence that we are nearly there. Thanks again for all your support!

Thanks for your awesome reviews!

Thank you for the 50+ Reviews and 95% VERY POSITIVE review rating!!! Our goal is to get to 100 reviews by the end of the month and we need your help!

If you’ve played some Hive Jump and enjoyed yourself, please leave us a positive review on Steam! The more reviews we have, the better our visibility on the Steam store, and the more buddies you’ll have to jump with when Online Co-op arrives!


We’ve set up a Discord channel for those of you who enjoy that service. Here’s the invite link:

Where is MAC/Linux?

We’re working on those game versions too – but they are not yet complete as we’ve been focused on getting Online Co-op out. Don’t worry they are coming very soon. Keep in mind, you can redeem your key on steam NOW and as soon as these builds become available you can play! Thanks for bearing with us!

Would you like to know more?

As always, we welcome comments and questions below. We love hearing from all of you. Also check us out on facebook, twitter, and on the Steam Community too!