Attention Jumpers!

Hive Jump launched on Steam today! It’s been as hectic as a hive at good ol’ Graphite Lab today. The team shouted about the launch all day, responded to launch day bugs (of the code variety), and even had a few moments to jump into games with fans and new players.

Hive Jump launching on Steam isn’t the end of our commitment to our backers though! We’re working diligently on the Wii U port of the game! After that we’ll focus on fulfilling all the physical rewards as well.

We’re eternally grateful for your help making this game a reality. We hope you jump in this weekend and enjoy yourselves thoroughly!

Sweet Pixel Fan Art from PixelDailies!

We ran a contest in coordination with PixelDailies on twitter! Here are some of our favorites that we wanted to share with you!

Would you like to know more?