Attention Jumpers!

The time has come to take the fight to the bugs! For months, our early access recon forces have scouted hives and tested the might of the enemy. It’s finally time for humanity to strike back at the enemy and reclaim our galaxy!

We’ve only got one question for you. Do you have what it takes to be a Jumper?

Hive Jump launches on Steam 1/18/2017. Be there, or be bug food.

Save the Galaxy!

We’ve been skirmishing with the Ordovicians for months now, but the time has come to defend our home worlds and push the enemy to the far reaches of the galaxy.
Jumpers protecting a human fortress in Campaign mode.
Jumpers protecting a human fortress in Campaign mode.

The odds are overwhelming, but if we can find and destroy the elusive Ordovician Queens, we stand a chance at preventing global swarming. The fate of humanity depends on the JUMP Corps!

A Jumper delivers the payload at all costs!
A Jumper delivers the payload at all costs!

The Queen is a powerful specimen. Jumpers are advised to use the transponder backpack to call in a tactical nuclear device. Protect the device and the backpack until the nuke detonates and destroys the Queen!

Preparations are underway for planetary defense operations...
Preparations are underway for planetary defense operations…

Repelling alien attacks and finding Queens is dangerous work, but the crew of the H.S.S. Dauntless is more than up to the task. Work with these extraordinary officers to end the Ordovician menace hive by hive and planet by planet.

Backer FAQs Answered:

Question: Will there still be a Wii U release? When will it be ready?

Answer: We’re still committed to releasing Hive Jump on the Wii U. We’ve been working on the Wii U exclusive features in tandem with our biggest task on the platform: optimization. We’ve made some great strides recently in improving physics, inputs, animations and several other systems which have all moved us closer to the Wii U finish line. When we have everything running well and bug free, we will submit for certification – when we hit that milestone you will be the first to know!

Question: What’s the status of localization?

Answer: The game will launch on 1/18 with English text only. We didn’t want to rush localization and ruin the experience for our international Jumpers by getting poor translations done. We have around 20,000 words of text in the game, so we’ll need some time to get this done right. Thank you for your patience!

Question: When will we get physical rewards?

Answer: Physical rewards still require some design work, manufacturing, and shipping. This process will take a good amount of time. We’re aiming for physical rewards to be delivered to all of you in April. Again, thank you for your patience. We’ve always chosen to put the core game development first, and we’re looking forward to being able to fulfill your physical rewards in Q2 2017.

Question: How does Online Multiplayer work?

Answer: Our lead QA David has crafted a guide on how Online Multiplayer works in the Steam version of the game. You can read it here:

Question: Is there voice chat in the game?

Answer: No, there is no integrated voice chat. However, we highly recommend joining our Discord community, making friends there, and jumping hives with your fellow Jumpers! Here’s an invite if you need one:

Question: What’s next for Hive Jump post-launch on Steam?

Answer: Well, first things first we’ll finish the Wii U version of the game, and work on getting proper localization done, as well as designing and crafting our physical rewards. In addition to that, based on the success of the game, we might be able to keep adding some features and content to the game. We have various plans in place based on various levels of success, so we’ll let you know more details after launch!

Question: Where’s my Steam key? Where’s my Backer Skin?

Answer: Game keys should have been sent out a while ago. If you haven’t gotten yours yet, simply log into and go to Digital Downloads to claim your Steam keys. There will be a Backer Bundle key that is used to unlock the Kickstarter Backer Skin, which was a reward for backers Tiers $20+.

Live-stream tonight!

We do a stream every Wednesday night on Twitch. Come hang out with us at 7PM CST at

Would you like to know more?

As always, questions and comments are welcome below. Thanks for all the support over the years, and it’s finally time to kick some alien abdomen!