Attention Jumpers!

It’s been a hectic week since launch, but we definitely owe our loyal Jumpers another update. We’re going to cover 3 things:

  • Delivery of the Hive Jump Soundtrack
  • We’re going to PAX South!
  • Swapping Key Rewards

Hive Jump Sountracks Incoming!

Are you ready to have your ears melted off by the amazing chiptune goodness of BigGiantCircles? Stay tuned for a backer-only update posting shortly after this one that will explain in detail how to claim your copy! 

Soundtrack by BigGiantCircles
Soundtrack by BigGiantCircles

We’re going to PAX South!

We’re coming back to San Antonio and we want to say hi to all our Kickstarter backers while we’re there! Hive Jump is going to be showcased in the PAX Rising area! Come see us and say hello! We <3 members of the JUMP Corps!

UPDATE: Check our our facebook image gallery!

Photo by: Kiko Villasenor
Photo by: Kiko Villasenor

Swapping Key Rewards

First, we have to reiterate our commitment to the Wii U version of the game. We are not abandoning this version, and we are closer than ever to having a version we can submit to Nintendo for approval. That being said, we know many of you want to get your hands on the game right away, or have other reasons for wanting to switch version of the game, so we are happy to do so for you. Just send us a message via Kickstarter and we will assist you. 

Would you like to know more?

As always, please leave questions and comments below! We’re happy to answer, but just a fair warning, due to Launch traffic and our travel plans to PAX South, we might be a little slower to respond than usual. Thanks for hanging with us through this busy period! <3