Attention Jumpers!

A big thank you to all of you who have claimed your Steam Keys and left us positive reviews! Every little bit helps us achieve our mission of finishing this game strong!

In this update: 

  • New Alien: Healers
  • New Weapon: Extreme Ultraviolence Light *backer designed!*
  • Updated Steam Build!
  • Online Multiplayer Coming Soon!

Healers: Bolstering alien forces

This flying alien appears to be a kind of medical response unit that appears shortly after hives have come under attack. Overgrown pink bulbous organs on the flier’s tail emanate a bio-regenerative field that heals Ordovician biology.

The healing effect of the fliers does not appear to transfer to human anatomy, although further study of captured specimens might be able to advance our research efforts into those fields. Jumpers would be wise to focus fire on these healing fliers, or use explosives to quickly clear swarms which are bolstered by these units.

Extreme Ultraviolence Light

There are no official records on the creation of the so-called Extreme Ultraviolence Light weapon modification. Rumor has it, some weapons techs got into some recovered hive mushroom samples and things got a little out of control. The EUV Light unshackles the matter manipulation protocols of the M4G-AR and releases a photochemical beam of raw energy that produces random and wild effects on anything unlucky enough to be struck by its beam.

Jumpers have reported seeing enemies burst into flames while simultaneously developing a coat of frost on their armor, or watching Ordovician armor dissolve until the alien’s internal organs are exposed and then explode. This weapon modification certainly puts on a show.

Steam Build Notes

  • Build Number: 0.42.1701
  • Animated Loading Screen with Tips
  • Explosion art improvements
  • Hover Utility: Faster acceleration for more maneuverability
  • New Relic Rooms: One new relic room layout per environment.
  • Sound level adjustments
  • Hazard hitbox adjustments
  • Various resolution related art fixes
  • Various control scheme
  • UI interactivity fixes
  • All types of flying aliens can spawn in boss fights
  • Fixed an animation issue with the
  • Hover Jet cooldown meter
  • Ensured all NPCs can appear in the hives
  • Caretaker boss arena level layout tweaks
  • Application Framerate Locked at 30fps for players with 144hz monitors (was getting up to 72fps due to vsync settings)

Online Multiplayer Progress

We are getting very close with Online Multiplayer through Steam. We have played through several hive missions successfully, and are working on fixing bugs with certain edge-case behaviors. We will be able to include this feature in future builds soon, so expect us to stir up more of a buzz when we’re getting ready to launch this! Thanks again for all your support!

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