Launching on Steam this week has been fantastic! It’s exciting to get the game in its current form into the hands of our Kickstarter Backers and our new recruits from the Steam Community!

Immediate Development Priorities

Release online multiplayer feature
Fix critical bugs and continue adding content
Release early access builds for Mac

These are our immediate priorities for development. We’re hoping to achieve these as soon as possible, meaning within the next week or two.

How you can help!

We’ve already fixed a number of bugs reported by players, as is shown by the patch notes below. Keep playing the game and reporting bugs with the F1 bug reporter prompt.

More importantly! If you’ve played some Hive Jump and enjoyed yourself, please leave us a positive review on Steam! The more reviews we have, the better our visibility on the Steam store, and the more buddies you’ll have to jump with when Online Multiplayer arrives!

Patch Notes: 0.041.1516 (Lots of Bug Fixes)

  • Dying while paused will no longer cause player to lose control of their Jumper.
  • Pause menu buttons are now clickable in loadout screen.
  • Fixed some Jumper torso animations while jumping.
  • Added a back button to the play sub-menu on the title screen.
  • Added “Coming Soon” tags to various menu options.
  • Added some more instructions to certain items that use other keys to activate (such as Remote Detonator).
  • Fixed visibility issues with dialogue advancing prompts not appearing on certain resolutions.
  • Adjusted certain loadout item tooltips for clarity.
  • Fixed some NPC dialogue typos and item spawns.
  • Fixed some instances of the Backpack appearing on the front of the Jumpers.
  • Added some more keyboard and controller button functionality to menus.
  • Fixed some issues involving going into doors at the same time your Jumper or Backpack would die.
  • Fixed an issue that didn’t allow players to advance through the Mission Over screen if they got a game-over while paused.
  • Fixed an issue involving deleting many profiles in a row.
  • Adjusted Title Screen animations when logging in and out of profiles.
  • Adjusting resolutions will no longer compound their effects on the previous resolution selected. (For best results, we recommend rebooting the game after choosing a new resolution)
  • Ensured backpack is un-killable while users are exploring relic rooms.Adjusted some SFX volume levels (cluster bombs, hive threat, and more.)
  • Adjusted various hazard hitboxes to favor the player more
  • Backpack warning beeping no longer persists into menus.