We’re receiving a large data-burst from J.U.M.P. Corps Headquarters! The war effort is reaching apex, and there’s a lot of recent developments to share.

In this update:

  • Steam Awards
  • Single Player Campaign
  • Steam Achievements
  • PAX South


Valve seems to have made an award just for you: our backers. Its called the “I thought this game was cool before it won an award” award.

Well, you certainly DID believe in Hive Jump LONG before anyone else. So click the banner below and cast your vote. Thanks for your support!


Single Player Campaign

Make your move and win the day!
Make your move and win the day!

The Campaign Mode adds an element of strategy and story to Hive Jump. Players use skill and cunning to clear an entire planet of hostile aliens by completing multiple jumps. Players must establish a foothold base on an alien planet, jump alien hives to gain resources and establish human forts, with the end goal being to eliminate all Ordovician Queens from the planet. Players must make strategic choices about where to explore and establish human bases, how much fortification these bases need, and which hives to eradicate, all while balancing their in-game economy and resources.

Best of all: Many of the fort names were chosen by you, our backers!

The campaign mode is nearing completion and is in testing and tuning phases! As we implement the final sets of visual assets, we’re working through some revisions to provide more depth and form to the graphics so they really shine! The team has been working incredibly hard to ensure this is a fun single player experience to complement the co-op play.

(working drafts showing the evolution of the base icons)
(working drafts showing the evolution of the base icons)

UI Polish & Clean up!

We’re going through some last minute revisions to the UI – tweaking elements such as the button frames, the font and general layout details, too!

A little polish goes a long way!
A little polish goes a long way!

Steam Achievements

Gotta Unlock 'Em All!
Gotta Unlock ‘Em All!

We’ve added a few achievements to the game but the rest are hidden until they’re hooks have been added (so you can actually earn them!) Enjoy this first batch and more are coming soon!

Hive Jump is returning to PAX South!

PAX South 2015 was the first major conference for Hive Jump. We met some amazing fans, development buddies and debuted the CRUSHER boss to thousands of players. So, we’re very excited to announce that we’ll be returning in January 2017! If you are going to the show, be sure to make time to see HIVE JUMP!

(Check out this JUMP Squad from PAX South 2015! There is SOOO much more in Hive Jump since we last shared it at PAX!)

Help Recruit More Jumpers!

We’re excited to be included in the Autumn Sale on Steam! If you have buddies that haven’t taken their first jump – give them a nudge and recruit them for the cause!

Let your friends know Hive Jump is part of the Steam Autumn Sale!
Let your friends know Hive Jump is part of the Steam Autumn Sale!

Join Our Discord Community!

You can join our Discord community by following this link. This is the best way to make new friends and get in touch with us directly! Hive Jump Discord

Weekly Hive Jump Stream with Devs!

We will be playing Hive Jump with the community every Wednesday from 7PM – 9PM CST on Twitch! Go give our channel a follow here and you’ll be notified when we next go live! See you then!

Would you like to know more?

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Thanks for jumping with us!