Jumpers! We’ve been hard at work squashing bugs and getting the game balanced and ready for the introduction of Campaigns and the Queen boss fight!

Also, you’ll see we’ve added a few achievements to the game, the rest are hidden until they’re hooks have been added and you can actually earn them! Enjoy this first batch and more are coming soon!

Thanks for your patience as we fix bugs and continue to prep the game for a full launch this year!

Check out the full changelist below.

Version 0.052.2852 – Full Change List

  • First set of achievements are available for unlocking! (more to come)
  • Accessing the “esc” menu in the hive actually pauses the game in non-online local games!
  • Player movement tweaked so going through walls should be less frequent. SUBMIT A BUG REPORT IF THIS STILL HAPPENS!
  • Brass blessing does slightly less damage but can be fired for longer before overheating.
  • EUV Ray damage buffed
  • Cryo cannon overheat capacity expanded
  • Gas gun overheats faster
  • Gamma ray levels 1 and 2 do more damage (rebalanced scaling)
  • Reduced bombardier knockback amount
  • Goo fountain on boss kill spreads again
  • Fixes for Plasma Charger behaving badly after going through door while charged
  • Fix for kicked players lingering in slots in Online Loadout
  • Fixes for some sounds not cleaning up properly
  • Bombardier/shooter projectiles now have their hit particles again
  • Bug Tracker disabled in Online Play because it causes desyncs
  • No more floating NPCs! (if you see any, send us a screenshot!)
  • Fix for “Error game in progress” errors in matchmaking
  • You can now accept a Steam invite from local loadout (as well as online loadout)
  • Fix for cameras sometimes following the wrong players when enter/exiting relic rooms
  • Dying while paused no longer prevents leaving the game over menu
  • Fixed issues with backpack entering relic rooms in local coop
  • Fix for enemies sometimes being stuck flashing white
  • Fix for Local Coop lobby breaking when players back-out.
  • Fix for random “Ambush” alerts at top of screen
  • Memorial wall now doesn’t have large periods of blank space.
  • Caretaker will always have at least 1 port open.
  • The last encounter in a Hive will always be a boss fight
  • Fix for backwards input prompts appearing rarely
  • Cold clouds, poison clouds, and stalactites now no longer stick to players and shields
  • Ambush vs. Boss RNG will now be the same for all challenge runs.
  • Made it harder to accidentally kick a player in Online Loadout when using controller.
  • Bombardiers now have an explosion when killed with Gamma ray.
  • NPC loot has a short delay before you can pick it up now. (for visibility and fairness)
  • Fixed lots of miscellaneous non-obvious errors

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