The bugs are getting smarter, and they’re creating ambush rooms in their hives to trap your soldiers in! If you get ambushed, you’ll have to hold out for a few minutes and defeat the incoming swarms. After two minutes, find the escape door, and continue on your mission. There’s now a 40% chance that instead of fighting a boss, you will have an Ambush encounter and have to survive for 2 minutes before escaping! Good luck!

Furthermore, we’ve continued improving multiplayer by fixing some bugs with the Loadout/Lobby. You can now start and stop searching for open matches, and switching between online and offline mode no longer breaks the scene. There are still some known issues, so help us nail them down with bug-reports using “F1” in game! Thank you!

Version 0.048.2355 – Full Change List

  • Ambush Encounters Re-introduced!
  • Stats related to surviving ambushes added!
  • Multiplayer lobby start/stop find match capability added.
  • Multiplayer lobby online/offline switching bug fixed.
  • Other misc fixes and improvements
  • Fixed issues that would cause immediate desync on loading a Hive.
  • Ambush Encounters Added as substitutions for boss fights 40% of the time.
  • New Relic Rooms
  • Level doors now animate and collapse and explode open contextually.
  • Fixed bug where players could “cheese” the Caretaker fight from below with rockets.
  • Gamma Ray damage buffed.
  • UI Alert improvements
  • Lurkers even more responsive now. Wha-snap!
  • Fixed bug where Stalker could hold you indefinitely in his sweet embrace.
  • Fix for music dissonance in Store/Relic rooms in Mushroom Environment
  • Fixed bad armor hit sound for poisoned soldier bugs
  • Added Fat Bard npc to the game. Can you hear his song?


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