PAX South Test Build

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Is there somewhere the Alpha backers can get access to this build?

I have a copy myself, but I am sure there are some Jumpers out there that havn't had a play with it yet.


  • Alpha access backers can grab the build here
  • 05896510589651 Exterminator
    Great! Thanks Matt!
  • KevalierKevalier Developer
    If my machine could run it here at work? I don't think I'd get any work done.

    "No, guys, I'm uh.... testing! TESTING! SHUT UP IM WORKING I SWEAR!"
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    I know what I'm doing when I get home
  • Xslice55555Xslice55555 Backpack Carrier
    "Gotta do more testing." "You're on the job!" "Be quiet, I'm testing this, ergo, I'm working!" "Now be quiet, I'm working!"

    Probably what happens in the office. lol
  • TheOldKingTheOldKing Exterminator
    The coders got it better. They get to chair joust while compiling their code.
  • korefujikorefuji Fresh Meat

    Alpha access backers can grab the build here

    Can this be made available for Paypal slacker backers too?
  • MattDonatelliMattDonatelli Developer
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    @korefuji Sure thing! I'll post a direct link, just don't share it around outside of the Alpha Backer community please!

    This build is really intended for 4-player local coop, so it might be a bit punishing solo. 
  • korefujikorefuji Fresh Meat
    ok that's cool i'm up for a challenge. I dunno but for other forums, there are usually plugins that hide content in a post and will only reveal itself to those of a certain tier of user. it might be useful if the entire forum is viewed by any registered user.

    Anyway thanks for the build. Will post impressions later when I have time to play (have rather a large backlog currently)
  • 05896510589651 Exterminator

    This build is really intended for 4-player local coop, so it might be a bit punishing solo. 

    You got that right. It's brutal as hell. I LOVE IT.
  • MerapleMeraple Fresh Meat
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    I played the PAX South Build today and I think it's a bit too easy for a solo player:
    1. There's nothing stopping you aside from the breakable walls to just rush past the bugs.
    2. You only need goo from a single "bonus" level to get a lvl-3 gun and a bag full of Nades.
    This means you don't need to collect the goo from bugs, which means you might as well rush past them.
    3. It just feels a bit too easy for me when I solo it, as I can make quite a few mistakes and still complete it without dying.

    Here's my personal suggestions on how to solve those things:
    1. Walls of sleeping bugs that wake up in rapid succession when you get close or shoot them.
    You can't get past the bug wall untill enough of them have broken up from the wall formation.
    It's kindof like the breakable walls, except these don't "break" as quickly and provide more of a challenge.
    The bugs should take less damage while still in the wall formation.
    2. I think the bonus levels should give less goo, as killing bugs and eggs isn't that great for goo farming in comparison.
    3. More bugs should spawn in the way between you and the exit, only ~half spawn in that direction for me.
    The half that spawns behind me usually just chases me without catching me.

    I also recorded my playthrough, incase you're interested:

    Those issues aside, I find the artstyle plain gorgeous and the movement pretty good.
    Seriously, great job.

    *Edited for clarity, I was tired when I first wrote this.
  • Really great feedback! Thanks for taking the time to share it with us!

    Here's a few steps we've already taken to resolve some of those issues since the PAX South build:
    1. Hive Threat System - Scales the difficulty and sends swarms when you've killed enough eggs and enemies. 
    2. Revamped economy based on whether you are in DEMO mode, or CAMPAIGN MODE. (Demo mode is just for show floor experiences, like what you played. Campaign mode has an economy that scales better over long periods of play, meaning you won't get level 3 weapons in a single playthrough.)
    3. Destructible spawners - You can kill spawners to prevent enemies from spawning behind you and surrounding you, and as a result more will spawn in front of you as well. (but perhaps we can weight even more to spawn from below just to make sure). 
    Now, regarding walls! We've made sure to not place destructible walls in the critical path of the level, because that could result in some players not being able to progress due to not being able to damage the walls. However, we are looking into other ways to gate progress a bit, and I really love the idea of your bug-wall! There are a lot of complications to making a game object that is both a wall, and enemy AI, so we'll look into it, but I can't promise it'll be the final version that gets in the game. We will continue looking at fair and fun ways to challenge players and "wall" them at certain times, because we totally agree that some nimble players can avoid a lot of the enemies. 

    Thanks again for all the feedback!
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    Exciteee ^^
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