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Welcome to the Hive Jump forums! 

Take a moment to introduce yourself. Tell us how you discovered Hive Jump, why you love video games, and what you're currently excited about!

Then go explore the forums and make friends! You're going to need them when the aliens come knocking on your planetary door!



  • Xslice55555Xslice55555 Backpack Carrier

    Hey everyone,

    Xslice here. I discovered Hive Jump through twitter because you guys followed me. I love video games because they are entertaining and there is always something new to do in them. Also, I'm a HUGE achievement hunter. I'm excited about everything. Can't wait to play co-op and to stream it (hopefully). See all you jumpers in the caves.


  • Thanks for being a part of the JUMP Corps Xslice55555! We're looking forward to sending you your prize from the speedrun too someday!  ;)
  • wolfenwolfen Fresh Meat
    Hello people! My name is Wolfen, I'm a french canadian gamer. I discovered Hive Jump because of a friend and I became very interested because of the ressemblance with starship troopers and also I like to blow stuff up. Squad games are great too! I like the arcade feeling it has and local coop play? Count me in! I like a lot of consoles. I have 20 consoles (portable and home) but not that much games (lack of money). I like  the universes and the lore of games but most important is a fun gameplay. That's pretty much it! Thanks developers for making this awesome game.
  • Thanks for jumping in! Your console collection sounds BOSS. Are you getting Hive Jump for Wii U then? 
  • Xslice55555Xslice55555 Backpack Carrier

    20 Consoles! I thought having an NES, SEGA genesis, Wii, 2 xbox 360's, xbox one, Nintendo gamecube, Gameboy advanced, Nintendo ds lite, and 3DS was a lot, plus I did have an atari. But welcome to Jump Corps. And right, forgot about my speed run contest prize. ;)

  • QaantarQaantar Fresh Meat
    Woo! Howdy everybody. Qaantar here... I've backed a lot of games on Kickstarter, and this one is definitely in the top ten of ones I'm excited for. Ever since I saw (and read) Starship Troopers, I have a thing for squishing space bugs. 
  • DomoFizzDomoFizz Fresh Meat
    Hello, all!  DomoFizz here.  Thanks to one of my WoW guildmates, Nyssie, for posting the kickstarter info to her FB page.  I bought the 4-pack and am looking forward to testing this out with my friends!
  • I hadn't read Starship Troopers until about a year into Hive Jump's development. (I had seen the movie of course). It's a pretty good read! I was really surprised and excited when I found that the book had power-armor similar to what we designed for our Jumpers! Great minds think alike... 
  • CorvidCorvid Fresh Meat

    Sunburnt Briton here, I found the kickstarter through steam and backed the original project (before the art shift). When the new kickstarter began, I backed within the first week.

    Still not sure why. I guess the concept struck a chord with me.

  • MattDonatelliMattDonatelli Developer
    edited July 2015
    Woot! Thanks for being one of the original backers from the 221st!
  • Hi(ve) jumpers! Despite my username choice being based on my girlfriends name, you can call me Voice, Elliott, or for short EJ. I've been a big fan of video games since before I can remember, I find my expertise is in platform games and racing games, from a young age my roots are definitely in Nintendo soil, the snes and N64 got me from a young age and the beautiful ever growing gaming tree is continually branching out higher and higher (even if Nintendo refuses to blossom!) I enjoy a variety of consoles, although I can't say I'm super happy about the most recent generation consoles but that's just my opinion and perhaps the future will readjust that however for now I'm heavily anticipating hive hump and I wish the team, (and all the players) the best of luck!
  • Thanks for the support! Hopefully Hive Jump will please all the Nintendo fans on the Wii U!
  • BurgyBurgy Backpack Carrier
    Hey there pals, I'm just a typical internet user. I originally found this game on Twitter and had a chat with some one using the official account, and they way that I was approached about the game made me want to back it. It's been quite a ride watching it grow since then and I look forward to chatting with you all and eventually playing with you all!
    I enjoy the generic internet user hobbies, Anime, doodling, playing video games, Skyping and just chatting in general is awesome for me, I love getting involved in communities and I can't wait for this one to thrive as I've said before.
    You can just call me Burgy or Evan, either is fine.

  • CorvidCorvid Fresh Meat

    I'm heavily anticipating hive hump

    hive hump

    That's one heck of a Freudian slip there, Jumper.

    Anyway, I hope the console ports of this game are excellent, so that all platforms may enjoy the bug-crushing satisfaction in equal measures.

  • ExodusExodus Fresh Meat

    hive hump

  • RolfagiaRolfagia Fresh Meat
    Sup guys o>

    you can call me Rolf for short and I'm from Brazil. A friend of mien told me about the game and I took some time to buy it, knowing that I end being too shy to join online matches btu little by little want to meet more people to play and be friends with.

    So, nice to meet you all! =D
  • Welcome @Rolfagia! It's great to have you in the community! Looking forward to jumping with you!
  • Maybe I am anticipating hive hump :3
    At least my phones tendency to change words for me automatically brought some laughter to the group!
  • RolfagiaRolfagia Fresh Meat
    Thanks @MattDonatelli. Forgot to add here but my skype's augusto_tepedino (avatar is Eevees and Kirbies) if anyone want to add and chat more =P (also to be able to chat in games 8D)
  • Bsevers18Bsevers18 Developer
    Ah! Hey all! 

    Ben here, I make arts and stuff for the hive.
    So awesome to see you here :D Thanks so much for backiiiiing!!
  • Hello, all you awesome fans of Hive Jump!

    I'm Matt, Executive Producer of Hive Jump. My role is to keep the team fed, funded, and fueled up so they can make the best game possible! I also do a fair amount of the hand-drawn concept art, as well as mess with the design from time to time... something which @MattDonatelli would probably like me to stop doing...
  • Approximate quote from a design meeting yesterday...

    Raitheoshow: "We might need to slow the game down a bit if we want the decision to throw the backpack to matter..."
    MattDonatelli: "...oooooooorrrrrr, we could make throwing the backpack EVEN FASTER!"


    It's a blessing to work on this game with this team! 
  • SleepFreakSleepFreak Fresh Meat
    Yo! o/
    I'm Bryan, from British Columbia, Canada. I can't remember how I discovered Hive Jump whatsoever, but there was this side scrolling shooter that I absolutely loved playing as a kid on my SNES and I'm confidant it wasn't Contra, but I don't know what it is, anyway Hive Jump reminded me of it, looks absolutely brilliant and I had to back it. I've loved video games for as long as I can remember, the classic playing Mario with my dad tradition is how I got into them. Immersion is why I love video games, I can be almost anything with video games, Hero of Time, Plumber flying through space to save a Princess, Master Chief shooting up aliens to save the world, I love being all these characters, video games are one of my favorite things ever. I've got over 150 hours in the Binding of Isaac Rebirth, and right now I'm looking forward to the DLC coming out for it this summer!
  • KevalierKevalier Developer
    Exodus said:

    hive hump

    I'm not sure we will have a fan fiction thread for this... 
  • Glad to have you onboard @SleepFreak! Maybe you were thinking of Turrican 2?
  • georgegeorge Fresh Meat
    Hi guys, 

    George from Germany here; backed Hive Jump since I need to get my bug-squashing on - and there are no Starship Trooper movies or games on the horizon! :D
    I think I stumbled onto the KS project one day and thought that this looks like a fun "little" game that you could also play "in-between" when you need some distraction when your day isn't going as planned.... :)
    All the best,

  • Thanks so much @george! Good to have you with us!
  • 05896510589651 Exterminator
    Hey Jumpers!

    0589651 Reporting in from Sunny Australia!

    SUPER Pumped for Hive Jump!!! Can't wait to receive my Hoody as well, Looks Super Awesome! 

    I love the Tech Alpha released a while ago, I played the crap out of it!! SUCH DIFFICULTY!

    Can't wait to splat some bugs!
  • Thanks for joining us all the way from Australia! 
  • missinglynkmissinglynk Fresh Meat
    I'm John, living in California.  I got to play Hive Jump at PAX Prime last year right before the end of the Kickstarter, had a lot of fun with it, and Matt gave me and my girlfriend doughnuts, which was awesome since we had nothing to eat that day.  Really excited to play this game, especially with co-op!
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