Our artists are working very hard to increase the visual appearance of the whole game. Over the past week, we’ve been increasing resolution of the soldiers, the backgrounds, the level tile sets and the décor items. Check out the comparison below that shows the NEW SOLDIER on the Left, and the Original on the Far [...]

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See Hive Jump at GDC!

Graphite Lab Studio Director Matt Raithel (@raitheoshow) will be at the Game Developers Conference MARCH 18th - 20th with a transponder backpack of his own. Okay, its just a regular backpack, but it will contain a Hive Jump playable demo! If you will be at GDC and want to get a sneak peak at the [...]

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Hive Jump Sneak Peeks for Local Game Devs

We've been gearing up for the big announcement this week by getting local game developers to stop by and test out the game and review our plans for Kickstarter. It's been a lot of fun seeing them navigate through the hive, blast through all the baddies and then face the terror that is a (yet [...]

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