Dev Log | Wii U Kickstarter Skin, Bug Fixing and Cyber Deals!

Attention Jumpers! Happy Holidays from the Hive Jump Team It’s been an amazing holiday season so far! We’ve had Hive Jump on the Wii U store for about 8 weeks and have been thrilled with the support and response! Thanks for your continued support and for your patience. Here's a list of what we're covering [...]

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Dev Log | Wii U Release Date: September 28, 2017

Attention Jumpers! More news incoming from the H.S.A! The Hive Jump team at Graphite Lab has made progress since the last update! More info below! Jumpers! At the Ready! Hive Jump will release on Wii U™ in North America on Thursday, September 28th, 9:00AM PDT! (Curious about other regions? Check for our email sent earlier [...]

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Our artists are working very hard to increase the visual appearance of the whole game. Over the past week, we’ve been increasing resolution of the soldiers, the backgrounds, the level tile sets and the décor items. Check out the comparison below that shows the NEW SOLDIER on the Left, and the Original on the Far [...]

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