Dev Log | Hive Jump Release on Steam!

Attention Jumpers! Hive Jump launched on Steam today! It's been as hectic as a hive at good ol' Graphite Lab today. The team shouted about the launch all day, responded to launch day bugs (of the code variety), and even had a few moments to jump into games with fans and new players. Hive Jump [...]

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Dev Log | Hive Jump launches on Steam 1/18/2017

Attention Jumpers! The time has come to take the fight to the bugs! For months, our early access recon forces have scouted hives and tested the might of the enemy. It’s finally time for humanity to strike back at the enemy and reclaim our galaxy! We’ve only got one question for you. Do you have [...]

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Dev Log | Speed Run Challenge, Endless Challenge

Jumpers! Happy holidays! Hope you all enjoy the 25% sale we're running on Steam! ;-) We've been extremely busy this last month getting Hive Jump close to content complete, fixing many bugs both large and small, and working on the Wii U port. All this activity made it hard for us to keep up with [...]

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