Attention Jumpers!

It’s been an exciting couple of months since our launch on Nintendo Switch and XBOX One! The fans have supported the game well, and we’re super thrilled to have Hive Jump on these platforms.
We’ve got a nice update for you on all things Hive Jump:

  • Backer Rewards (please lock in your address!)
  • Switch and XBOX Release Coverage

Backer Rewards
You have all be incredibly patient as we move through the remaining digital and physical rewards. We have two digital deliveries for you today!

  • Art Book
  • Coloring Book

Access these rewards by visiting Be on the lookout for an email from BackerKit which should notify you of your access to these new downloads!

We’ve begun the process of locking in addresses. If you’ve moved in the last 3 years, you may want to double check your shipping address by visiting 

Having updated and accurate addresses will save us time and reduce shipping costs by preventing returned packages. After 48 hours, all addresses will automatically be locked as can’t be changed after that time. 

You should all have a notification from BackerKit regarding this lockdown.

Hive Jump Art Book (Art & Origins)

Visit to download. We’ve been teasing this one for a while now. We’re happy to finally share an amazing compilation with over 60 pages of art that went into Hive Jump.

From humble origins we came...
From humble origins we came…

Special thanks to all of the artists which contributed to this volume – Matt Raithel (@raitheoshow), Matt Stevens (@redbeardstevens), Mel Severs (@melbells18) Jordan Covert (@jc_pocket_mouse) Eric Hibbeler (@erichibbeler) Rob Koh (@combatpooch) and Jillian Stiles (@Jauxiles)!

Digital Coloring Book

Visit to download. The Hive Jump Coloring Book is filled with line art images for you to color! Probably one of the more unique rewards we’ve seen, we hope you’ll enjoy.  Download and print these pages, then share your creations on social media. Tag us on twitter or instagram @hivejump and we’ll spread them to our fans!

Grab the crayons and markers!
Grab the crayons and markers!

State of some other important deliverables

  •  Shirts and Hoodies – Design is done and we need to send these to the manufacturer. Sizes must be locked in now and cannot be changed after Monday 4/22/2019.
  •  Field Manual – Our last digital item. We’re in progress on that design now.
Only one more digital item left!
Only one more digital item left!

Switch and XBOX Release Coverage

Releasing on Nintendo Switch and XBOX One has been a fantastic experience. We’ve received support from fans old and new as well as some love from our partners at Nintendo and Microsoft.  The game released worldwide and has received some favorable reviews from the press! Thanks for all of your support and encouragement as we deployed on these new platforms!

Pure Nintendo Magazine

We received a flattering spread in Pure Nintendo Magazine featuring 4 full color pages of our concept art for the game.

Looking good in print...
Looking good in print…

Would you like to know more?

As always, please leave us questions and comments below or email We love hearing from members of the Jump Corps! Also, if you haven’t already, you should join our Hive Jump Discord server and say hello: